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The Hidden Meaning Of Comps

The Hidden Meaning Of Comps

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by December 22, 2018 Casino Game

Everyone knows that casinos are in the business of making money. Casinos are just like any other establishment that looks for many ways to create opportunities of revenue and increase their overall profits. Unlike department stores or wholesale outlets, casinos cannot slash their prices or rates to bring in more business. Casinos rely on promotions and special events to draw customers into their establishments. Once a player enters a casino and plays, the casinos house edge takes over to ensure that profits start flowing in.

One technique casinos employ to get players to play longer is to offer new and special entertaining games. Casino executives meet every so often to discuss and to purchase new casino games in the market to attract and pull in potential customers.

Another technique casinos use to make players play and bet more is to offer small reminders like key chains to the more lavish free rooms and meals. This comp is also known and FRB.

Many players use their comp levels as a means of establishing or showing off their status level. Most people have the general perception from movies that only rich dignitaries or high stakes rollers are entitled to such comps. Comps are actually available to anyone but the casino seems to foster this misconception.

Casinos view the level of comps given to players as an addictive way of indirectly appealing to the playing time of the player. Casinos further strengthen the image of high rollers getting the better treatment by displaying their comps to these people in tv screens scattered around the casino. These methods are really marketing tools in disguise and their bottom line is to rake in more revenue.

Players who see another player with a level of comps aspires to reach that level, while players of a much lower level strive to reach the standard level, and the process goes on and on.

To make matters worse, some players base their self esteem and self confidence on the level of comps they get from the casino. For them, getting a free room is like winning the lottery, only bigger. Comps for some players have become the yardstick to measure all achievements in their life which is disappointing to consider since a casino does not have to be the end all of a person life.

Players should keep in mind that the greater the compass are, the bigger the player has lost on the gaming floor. These players simply brag their comps to make up for the huge losses they incurred.

As a whole, the issuing of comps in the best marketing technique used by casinos ever since its conception. Comps have been known to keep many loyal players and attracted hundreds more.


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