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Casinos – The Odds and Ends of Beating the House

Casinos – The Odds and Ends of Beating the House

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by March 11, 2017 Casino Game

Having long ago been tagged as the playgrounds of the rich and famous, casinos are usually associated with gambling. In fact, modern day casinos offer much more than giving their patrons several opportunities to win (or lose) their money in various games of chances. Some casinos are also considered as entertainment centers where concerts and sporting events are usually staged. Icons in the entertainment industry such as Wayne Newton and, during his later years, Frank Sinatra have made a home for themselves in the casinos located within the world-famous Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Magicians and daredevils are also proven crowd drawers in these venues. Professional boxing matches are held in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, New Jersey much more than in any other place on the face of the planet. Five star hotels, highly rated restaurants, fun activities, and some of the top vacation destinations are regularly associated with the nearly 5,000 casinos worldwide. From Macau to Monaco, the Philippines, and across the Pacific to the Americas, there is always a casino nearby; ready to take on any drifter who forever dreams of beating the house.


Historically speaking, the term casino originally referred to an Italian venue of pleasure. In the 19th century, the term came to include other public edifices where various activities, including gambling and sporting events, took place.


In order to be able to gamble in most casinos, patrons are required to be of legal age, which is between 18 to 21 years, depending on which country the gambling venue is located in. Customers are offered a virtual buffet of choices where they can place their bets in. Slot machines remain to be one of the more popular gambling attractions; never minding its reputation as a “one-armed bandit.” Craps, roulette, and baccarat also command a wide following. Some casino games such as “poker” and “blackjack” can test the gambling skills of the players.


Seasoned poker players know when to bluff or call the bluff en route to their becoming a little bit richer as they head towards their respective homes later on. Veteran blackjack players have been known to count cards. This process involves knowing which cards have been drawn and placing bets as soon as the chances of winning are higher. Card counting is not only illegal, but it can also prove to be a quick end for someone’s potentially lucrative night by having them kicked out of the premises and falling flat on their rear ends.


There are plenty of techniques where casino regulars can increase their mathematical possibilities of winning, however, the chances of having someone “beat the house” is practically non-existent. Casino games usually have mathematically-determined odds that give the house of a long term advantage over the players. If this was even possible, then there would not be that many casinos around.


Cheating and stealing are very unwise options due to the extensive security networks employed by casinos. State of the art surveillance, well-armed security personnel, and unparalleled security systems are all guaranteed to put a damper on any attempts of dishonesty and larceny. Comparing the security system of some of the larger casinos to that of a major bank may not be absurd at all since more money passes through it than some small countries.


Going back to the original meaning of the word casino as a place for pleasure, one should think of it as such. Placing more bets than one could actually afford are sure-fire ways of heading home a much poorer person. Gambling within reasonable means, watching a show or two, taking in the sights, and generally having fun are considered the essence of being there in the first place.


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